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Art Tech Explained

Eduard Steimle - 4th November 2019 - 0 comments

In recent years we have seen the rise of Art Tech startups helping the industry to innovate and become more democratic and transparent.
But what is exactly Art Tech? This short article will tell you everything you need to know about Art Tech.

Art Tech Explained.

Art Tech, the definition

As the abbreviation suggests, Art Tech is, in simple terms, the combination of Art and Technology. By combining these two “components”, artists and business entities can develop new artworks, products or services to art lovers and other art professionals. Technology gives the possibility to new and existing players of the art market to innovate and offer more efficient, transparent and easy to use services and products. On the other side, Artists can develop new artworks using new tools and mediums, such as Artificial Intelligence or 3D Printing.

Art Tech. Computers

Art Tech history

It is difficult to give an exact date of when Art Tech was born. Already in the 15th century, Jan Van Eyck experimented with oil-based pigments, opening a completely new era for the art world. Then photography was born in the 19th century, changing completely the way artists and people were seeing the world. In more recent years, Andy Warhol borrowed a technology used in graphic design, called screenprinting, and used it on his most famous artworks.

But it is really in the past 20 years, with the mass adoption of the world wide web and later with smartphones, that we have seen a rapid technological advancement in the art world and art tech was really born as an industry.
The internet, as a technology, made it possible for online galleries to exist, where art lovers can easily browse through hundreds of artworks.
The mass adoption of smartphones allowed the creation of art mobile application, giving everyone the possibility to explore and easily navigate the art world.
Moreover, Art lovers suddenly had, with the birth of Social Media, the possibility to easily share with their friends their favourite artworks, helping the promotion and mass distribution of art to the wider society.

In the last 5 years, we have also seen the rise of new frontier technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain that once again are innovating the art world in extreme ways. There are now artists that use AI to create new artworks and companies that use Blockchain to safely secure and record past art transactions for future provenance reasons.

Art Tech. The smartphone has allowed everyone to share and interact with art

How is Art Tech impacting the art world?

Overall, Art Tech is disrupting the industry for the better. On one side artists use technology to create artworks that are aligned with the interests and topics of today’s world.
On the other side, there are businesses who are changing the way things are done in the art market, simply because they use technology to accommodate the market’s current needs. New customers demand greater transparency about prices and provenance of the artworks. Moreover, customers now want to be able to easily navigate the art market on their own and use mobile applications to do so. They want affordable, easy to use and trustworthy products or services that make their experience and life simply easier and more pleasant.

Modern technologies such as the internet are giving access to the art market to everyone who wishes to. Nowadays people can easily research their favourite painting on google or buy a painting in two clicks on an online gallery. Thanks to these technologies, the art world has become less hidden, more transparent and open to everyone.

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