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Co-owned art publicly exhibited

Eleonora Mantovani - 8th January 2020 - 0 comments

It’s showtime! Once an artwork is sold to the public on our Campaigns Page, Feral Horses and the seller of the artwork manage it.

The management period lasts at least two years or more, depending on each artwork. During this time, Feral Horses and the seller will organise various initiatives with two main objectives: allowing the co-owners to enjoy the artwork, as well as supporting the conditions for its value to increase

As art lovers ourselves, just like our community, we put a lot of emphasis on giving the co-owners the opportunity to be involved in the artwork’s journey. Co-owners will be invited to events where their artwork is showcased, such as to studio visits, gallery openings, or museum show inaugurations. By attending those events, co-owners will be able to see their artwork in the flesh, meet other co-owners as well as artists, curators, and experts.

We want co-owners to be involved.

Whenever Feral Horses and the seller host such events, co-owners will promptly get notified to reserve their spot, so keep an eye on your email!

Can’t be at the events? We still want you involved 🤩! During the management period, we’ll send co-owners quarterly reports about the artists in their portfolio. The reports will include vital information such as new artworks produced, exhibitions attended by the piece, the current market value, special projects conducted and social media performance. Feral Horses wants you to be able to keep in touch with the artist as much as possible.

Why do we care so much about publicly displaying the artworks?

For three main reasons:

First, co-owners have the possibility to see the artwork they – partially – own. We understand that, for co-owners, seeing and enjoying the art is a fundamental part of investing on the platform. We can’t shred the artworks to pieces and hang them in each co-owner’s house, but we can craft events to give them the opportunity to fully experience the artwork.

Feral Horses believes in the ability of art to bring people together. By hosting these events, co-owners have the possibility to meet other kindred spirits, share their interests and break the ice with at least one common topic of discussion: the artwork they collectively bought!

Last but not least, art is a powerful tool for delivering important messages and sparking necessary and deep conversations on topics that matter. Art can provoke thoughts, it can connect and inspire people. Because of this, we believe in the imperative of allowing as many people as possible to interact with art, lowering barriers to engaging with it, and ultimately opening up the industry to more art lovers.

If you believe in it too, why not start by having a look at the active campaigns on Feral Horses?

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