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Feral Horses inaugurates the largest community of art co-owners in Rome

Eduard Steimle - 10th February 2019 - 0 comments

A new milestone for the Art World happened at the Launch of “Habemus Hominem” by JAGO at the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

We brought 150 art co-owners together to commemorate 25th January 2019 as an important date in the Art World, the first time ever 600 people came together to own this piece of museum Art.

Francesco Bellanca Gives the Opening talk

With 3200 users on the platform and over 600 co-owners of Jago’s Habemus Hominem (with as little as 20 euros), Feral Horses has built the largest community of Art Lovers and co-owners of a single contemporary artwork.

In attendance were art enthusiasts as young as 4, The Actress Nancy Brilli, The Artist JAGO as well as many Style mavens and influencers from the US such as @maidomo mingling amongst 150 co-owners who had purchased 4 of more shares.

At the inauguration, we also had the pleasure to have a journalist of the Italian national TV channel “RAI 3”, who was video shooting and interviewing co-owners as part of an art documentary that is going to be released in March.

Left: The Actress Nancy Brilli & the Artist JAGO Right: Jago unveiling “Habemus Hominem”

The Princess Doria Pamphilj professed:

“[Co-owning Art] is a new way of financing art in a popular way that otherwise might not have space in modern times. […]We are surprised and glad by the success the co-ownership idea has had.

Her enthusiasm regarding the piece and contemporary Art was echoed amongst the visitors.

All the attendees were delighted by local caterers with Schiacciata invited to sip red, white and rose wine from a local vineyard. Selfies were taken with the naked pope and with JAGO.

One of the guests shared how he was delighted to have met so many like minds and new friends amongst the other co-owners as he had come alone and hadn’t expected to stay past the opening hours.

The community is just getting started, you can join too by buying shares here and stay tuned for our next community events in London and further afield.

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