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Product Update #5

feralhorses - 28th June 2019 - 0 comments

We’ve been working hard at Feral Horses since our last post to bring multiple revamps and changes to the platform. Here’s a short breakdown of the most important product updates.

Our new navigation bar

We updated our navigation bar, previously the kerning and size of the menu was just too large so we conducted a visual revamp and unified it with the landing page. We wanted to know if users would still be able to find the projects page after the design was simplified so we conducted research using Hotjar. By looking at the results, we found that users were still finding that link easily and were not confused about where to click when looking for that specific page. Plus now we’ve got a much simpler and much cleaner nav bar to enjoy.

Nav bar before
Nav bar now

We have changed the routing of the landing page links to offer the ability to view our platform without having to sign in or sign up, making the Projects page and the Exchange page available to view for everyone. You can check it out here.

Nav with Log In and Sign Up access

Landing Change

We’ve also been doing work on the landing colours which you might have noticed, previously our landing was blue and now it’s a crisp clean white. We’ve also added a shadow button style throughout the landing to make those buttons pop.

A new Referral CTA

We have added a new call to action after the thank you page! After purchasing shares you’ll be able to see the unique link that you can share with your friends to get some extra rewards.

Additional Assets

We’ve been able to add additional assets to the platform including a new font weight, Volte Bold, and our new partner logos AZ Fine art and Ophir Design Studio which can be found on our landing page.


Sign up design rework

We have cleaned up our sign up page removing backgrounds and borders. Now the process of signing up to Feral Horses is clean and streamlined. On the left is the previous Sign up page and on the right is our updated version.


The biggest announcement so far is that our blog has migrated from Medium over to the Feral Horses platform making it easier to digest our content while jumping back and forth to our Projects and Exchange pages.

Website loading speed

We also worked on killing some superfluous things, such as the loaders on the project page, to make the overall platform faster and more enjoyable.
For example, we have managed to shorten the loading time of the Projects page. Before the changes, it took on average 3.5s to fully load the Projects page. Now it only takes 2.0s on average ( MacBook Pro, Chrome Browser).

Register on Feral Horses now and start supporting contemporary artists here.

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