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8 Innovative Art-Tech Startups

Eduard Steimle - 30th October 2019 - 0 comments

In recent years the traditional art world has seen the birth of many new art-tech startups. Consumers’ behaviour and trends changed and so many art-tech startups saw an opportunity to improve the overall art market. In this article, we list 8 art-tech startups that are trying to innovate the art market, in 8 different ways.

Codex Protocol

Art tech startup codex

Codex is a decentralised art registry that uses blockchain technology to keep a record of past transactions. Every time an artwork is sold, the transaction is registered on the blockchain.

These records reinforce the artwork critical history, known as its “provenance”. Entirely digital and secured on the blockchain, Codex Records are accessible and extremely reliable. Prospective buyers can then use Codex’s search tool to verify if a desirable artwork is secured with Codex Records, and thus has an undeniable authenticity.


Art tech startup Artmyn

Artmyn revolutionizes the way Fine Art can be streamed and experienced online, from any mobile device and using any modern web browser.
Their technology generates interactive 5D images and movies, providing an emotional experience on screen. The scanning process also extracts the DNA of an artwork by acquiring its unique features – a first scan generates a file allowing for any damage or modification to be automatically detected during subsequent scans, easing the authentication process.

Artmyn uses 5D technology to create different products, such as Interactive Guided Tours, E-Catalouges and immersive 5D online art viewers.


art tech startup Gowithyamo

GowithYamo is an art discovery app. It acts as your personal art tour guide that helps you find exhibitions, galleries, events and showcases with a single tap. Whether you’re an Old Masters lover or a contemporary art enthusiast, GowithYamo has got you covered.

What’s even better, is that you get rewarded for attending exhibitions and art events. By discovering the art world, you get virtual points, called Yamos. You can then redeem them in the app shop and get exclusive rewards such as prints, paintings and jewellery.

Obvious Art

art tech startup Obvious Art
Portrait of Edmond Belamy, 2018, created by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), Obvious Art

Obvious Art is a collective of friends, artists, and researchers, driven by a common sensibility regarding questions bounded to the increasing advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
One of Obvious Art’s goal is to explain and democratize these advances through their artworks. The project they are working on today began a year ago with the discovery of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which are Machine Learning algorithms that generate images. This technology allows Obvious Art to experiment with the notion of creativity for a machine.

Obvious Art became worldwide famous when one of their artworks, Portrait of Edmond Belamy, 2018, sold for $432’500 at Christie’s New York, becoming the first-ever AI-generated artwork to be sold at auction.


Art Tech Startup Magnus

Magnus is, simply said, the shazam of Art. Take a picture of an artwork through their app, and it will tell you every information you need.

This art-tech startup helps art lovers discover new artworks, learn every detail of a specific art piece and allow individuals to make informed purchasing decisions. If some information is missing or the app can’t recognise an artwork, users can upload the missing information of an artwork, such as its price. The company then checks that the information is accurate. With this system, the art-tech company can constantly update the information and users are able to see historic prices and recent news about an artwork they love.


Art Tech Startup Vastarti

Vastari is an online platform that connects museums and curators with private collectors.

Vastari’s interface and networking tools make it easier for museums to communicate with the private sector directly, to tour exhibitions globally and share information for exhibitions worldwide.
The idea of Vastari is to create an efficient and reliable system that connects private collectors, who wish to loan their artworks, to museums and curators who wish to secure selected artworks for specific exhibitions.

Sedition Art

Art tech startup Sedition

Sedition Art is an online gallery for digital art.

On the website, it is possible to acquire and resell digital artworks. Users can then stream their purchased artworks on any digital screen, such as tablets, mobile phones or televisions. Sedition Art also offers the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly service for $12. The subscription plan that allows users to stream up to 12 artworks for free.

Feral Horses

Art tech startup Feral Horses

And lastly, there is us, Feral Horses. Using the concept of fractionalised ownership, Feral Horses is an online platform that allows everyone to become an art collector. Art lovers can buy shares of their favourite artwork and become, together with other hundreds of people, co-owners of one unique art piece.

Art lovers can also experience the art world as art patrons. In fact, depending on how many shares they buy of one artwork, they get to receive exclusive rewards. Rewards include artists’ studio visits, tickets for exhibitions’ inaugurations and prints.

Click here to start investing in art in an easy, affordable and fun way on Feral Horses.

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