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Nazareno Biondo sells “We are smoke” in shares via Feral Horses

feralhorses - 5th June 2019 - 0 comments

We are proud to announce that Nazareno Biondo is now selling part of his artwork “ We Are Smoke” in shares via the Feral Horses’ platform.

Nazareno Biondo, now on Feral Horses


Nazareno Biondo (Turin 1985) completed his artistic formation at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin. 
After graduating cum laude in 2011, Nazareno Biondo proposed an interactive performance made of marble elements that produce lights, sound, and colours. Since 2008, he took part in several national and international competitions as well as competitive tenders for public art projects. The artist already had the chance to exhibit internationally at the Kara Gallery in Ankara or at the Art & Culture Centre in Bangkok but also in Italy in iconic venues such as the Palace of Venaria, the Castle of Rivara, the National Archives and the Chamber of Commerce in Turin.

Nazareno Biondo brings out everyday objects in an endless search for perfection and conceptual elaboration. His main sources of inspiration are everyday objects and consumer icons of our time. His great technical skills allow him to reach a cold hyper-realism finish with which he finely reproduces weapons, waste, and other carcasses of our contemporary society.

What do the Art Critics say:

Rinuccia Nepote: “Nazareno Biondo, a well-known sculptor, who makes art his life and work scope. What is astonishing in each single piece of his work — strictly carved in Carrara marble — is its realism in a pop key: a coffee package which can be immediately recognized by the manufacturer; a crumpled tin in a giant version; a real-sized car or a cigarette stained with lipstick.”

Raffaele Mondazzi: “ is with these assumptions that we can analyze the works of this young sculptor: the search for a more deep relationship with Nature and its forms, a severe criticism to the way we consume and reject the objects that nature delivers to our life towards which we have very poor respect and which we tend to use up and waste, thus making our surrounding world more like a refuse dump than a place where future generations will have to live. Finally, a positive proposal for building a reality where everything is in harmony and where the use of marvelous materials that we have available will add the beauty we need.”

The artwork:

Nazareno Biondo’s work addresses the contemporary vices and behaviours of our society with both incredible rigour and a certain lightness of touch. With “We are smoke”, we see how the artist sublimates everyday objects such as cigarette butts by playing with the scale of those ordinary objects and by sculpting them with Carrara marble. 
What always catches the viewers’ eyes is the monumentality of the work but what makes you stick around and look at it a little bit longer is the realism of the pieces. The discolouration of the filters, the light lipsticks’ stains, the way each butt is twisted, all those details can let you daydream and think about a thousand unique stories.

At this point, lots of sort of rational questions start firing up in the viewers’ mind: “Was it 3D printed?”, “Is it really made of marble?”. The exhibition tag gives the confirmation you needed: White marble, gold, colour. 
What is truly interesting is that the use of this noble material combined with the Nazareno’s craftsmanship is not just “impressive.” Instead, it adds to the sublimation process of the objects and helps the viewer “rediscover” objects that he or she’s seen so many times and ultimately pay attention to what they represent.

The first layer of understanding of the artwork is fairly straight forward. The viewer starts by thinking about sustainability and waste management. What is particularly interesting though, is that the Artist doesn’t use shame or guilt to do so, but, instead, build a connection, between people and their own wastes by making them monumental and captivating.
The second layer of understanding of the artwork is more representative of a collective mood. The feeling of being used for a specific purpose and then discarded and abandoned is somewhat familiar in our society. Hence, the viewer can grow even closer to the wastes that are represented. Once this bond is fully formed, the viewers can then think about what actions can be taken to abandon the culture of waste.

The art fact you want to remember:

Nazareno Biondo even goes beyond just setting the scene for the general public to reflect on environmental issues and opt for what he calls the culture of reuse. The Artist actually pushes practical solutions in his production methods. It is for this reason that he always reuses the scraps of his more massive sculptures to create smaller elements such as ingots, and piles of cash. Of course, the fact that these elements often are the most “luxurious items” of his body of work is no coincidence and shows the deepness of the reflection of the Artist on our everyday life and on the small changes that can be implemented to make things better.

“Nothing in my work, as in the world in which we live, should be wasted.” — Nazareno Biondo

The Project:

On the platform, Nazareno is selling “We Are Smoke”, a white marble sculpture created in 2018.The cigarette butts are 50cm long and have a diameter of 12cm. The main material used is White Marble from Carrara, Italy’s highest quality stone.

The value of the artwork is £12’900 and only 15% of it will be on sale on the platform to the public. Once sold, Nazareno is going to keep the management of the artwork and will promote the artwork through personal and group exhibitions. Furthermore, co-owners will have the opportunity to see the artwork in the artist’s studio when it will not be exhibited in other shows.

Depending on how many shares are purchased, co-owners will receive different rewards:

Visit Feral Horses, to co-own

“We are Smoke” by Nazareno Biondo 

Take me to his campaign please

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