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The Power of Art Co-ownership unleashed

Eduard Steimle - 28th October 2018 - 0 comments

Shirtless statue of Pope Benedict by Jago sold in shares to the crowd and placed in a public art institution by Feral Horses

Habemus Hominem by Jago — Sold in shares via Feral Horses soon

Feral Project: How to Co-own Habemus Hominem

Over the past year, we have seen that there is a real appetite for co-owning art by art lovers with a range of different budgets and desires. Co-owning art allows us to create a sustainable model to engage with a new generation of art lovers who want to contribute to a discussion in the Art world.

Our innovative art co-ownership model intrigued a private collector (who wishes to remain anonymous) into selling Habemus Hominem and placing it in the Public Realm. Therefore, we are now collaborating with ADA art advisory to organise the sale of “Habemus Hominem” in shares to the whole public, from expert collectors to new art lovers.

The inclusive sale is about to begin at Paratissima in Turin next week. The fair visitors will be the first allowed to join the project and to acquire shares to co-own the museum-worthy piece. Exclusive rewards will also be given to the first participants for as little as 20€ for the first tier. Later on, shares will be available on our platform.

Once sold, the fabulous piece will be loaned to museums in Rome for a set long time period.

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