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When art and technology take you back to 1839

Eduard Steimle - 7th June 2019 - 0 comments

Virtual reality technology offers us a glimpse of the First World’s Photography Show.

“Threshold” exhibition

Mat Collishaw has recreated the 1839 historical photography exhibition, thanks to the use of VR technology. This immersive experience gives everyone the possibility to time travel and to experience the iconic images that have been lost or faded.


Thresholds visualization — Photo credit Mat Collishaw and VMI Studio

Mat Collishaw has been working with virtual technology for several years. But, this time, he truly takes advantage of the possibility to curate an experience where art and technology meet in order to take his nostalgic audience back to the iconic exhibition.

The Artist: Mat Collishaw

Collishaw strongly believes that exploiting technology through the creation of Virtual Reality artworks will change the way people actually look at the world itself. The artist has a strong interest in this specific field and it has been working with VR for many years.

In order to create “Threshold”, Collishaw has worked closely with the VMI Studios to capitalise on the power of movement sensors. In this way, it is really possible to see, feel and sense what the 1839 First Photography Exhibition was like.

Let’s wait to see what the future is going to bring us but, for the moment, we encourage to give this amazing experience a try at the Somerset House’s River Rooms is going to host “Threshold” from 18 May to 11 June!

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